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Putting Green

Topdressing Sands for Better Putting Surfaces

Pro Series Blends topdressing sands from Grass Roots Agronomics, Inc. of Emmett, ID, are graded and tightly screened to remove large particles that could dull mower blades or cause rough putting surfaces. The consistency and uniformity of these sands afford easy spreading and workability into aerification holes.

Beneficial Dressing

Pro Series Blends® topdressing sands are designed to manage air and water movement in both sand-based and native soil greens, and are useful in controlling thatch. When broadcast in lighter, more frequent applications, superintendents can achieve all the benefits of bulk top dressing without a loss of rounds, disruption in member play, or the damaging results of green brushing.

Pro Series Blends' topdressing grades are available in 50 lb. plastic bags, and 2000 lb. bulk bags for dry and contaminant-free storage and handling. Benefits include:

  • Consistency and uniformity not possible in commercial mortar sands.
  • Promotion of healthy turf while leveling and smoothing playing surface.
  • Ideal for frequent light applications without the disruption of dragging and brushing.
  • Available in a wide range of particle sizes to match existing sands.

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