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Pro Red and Select Infield Mix are blends of engineered sand, silt, and clay with Stabilizer®. These infield materials are superior for their combination of structural support and appearance. These materials go through stringent crushing and screening processes resulting in a good balance of sand, silt, and clay. Both are mechanically blended with Stabilizer binding technology. A stabilizer is a natural product that binds soil particles for consistency. It maintains a damp soil consistency by absorbing moisture and then releases it back into the soil, cutting back on maintenance. Select Infield Mix cuts dust, mud, water, and wind erosion while creating a firm yet resilient playing surface. These mixes are designed to improve drainage and reduce compaction.

Pro Red vs Select Infield

Qualities and Performance

  • Red and Brown in Color
  • Natural Soil Enhanced With Stabilizer® Binder
  • Stabilizer® Premixed Into Infield
  • Retains Moisture for Reduced Maintenance
  • Greatly Reduces Dust, Mud, and Erosion
  • Improves Drainage and Lessens Compaction


  • Softball and Baseball Fields
  • Infield Surface
  • Bullpen
  • Batting Cages
  • Practice Areas


(Please request an installation and maintenance manual for further instruction.)

  • Typically Installed at A 3" - 4" Depth
  • Installed Over a Compacted Base
  • Installed Over a Properly Draining Surface


Bulk truck loads or bulk bags.

Pro Red on Jakesfield Baseball Pitch

Hilltopper Mound Clay

Hilltopper® Mound Clay is a proprietary blend of natural clay enhanced with an engineered polymer. The polymer binds the clay and coats each particle, eliminating the need to use water for cohesion. Designed not only to eliminate watering, but it also repels water to avoid muddy conditions. With the polymer, it's like having the precise amount of water in the clay. The right consistency reduces giant holes, dust, and mud. Hilltopper® Mound Clay protects your field from the elements: rain, snow, and drought.

Qualities & Performance

  • Natural Clay Enhanced With Polymer
  • Brown Color
  • Ready to Use Right Out of the Bag: No Water or Screening
  • No Dust or Mud
  • 100% Usable


  • Softball & Baseball Fields
  • Pitcher's Mound
  • Batter's Box
  • Catcher's Box
  • High Traffic Areas Around Bases

Hilltopper Mound Clay


(Please request an installation & Maintenance Manual for further instruction)

  • Construct entire mound from Hilltopper® Mound Clay
  • Cap existing mound with Hilltopper® Mound Clay


  • Do not contaminate with other soils
  • If using a calcined clay topdressing, sweep all topdressing out of wear holes before adding new Hilltopper® Clay
  • Do not stack pallets on top of each other- clods may form
  • Avoid storing outside in cold temperatures- clay may firm in bags

Stabilizer® Ballyard Clay

A New Mound & Homeplate Clay
Not your typical clay dug out of the ground. This manufactured blend of clay and interlocking soil particles is stabilized against moisture, all at a great price.

Jump Sand

Grass Roots working along with college track coaches have developed Jump Sand for long jump landing areas. Jump Sand is manufactured for the best performance and safety for the athlete. Jump Sand gradation and particle shape are specifically designed to provide a safe landing area while maintaining a clean, clear line to measure. Jump Sand is produced and screened in and controlled environment for uniformity, consistency, and predictable results.

Features and Benefits

  • Non-toxic and Non-staining
  • White in Color For a Professional Appearance
  • Surface Will Not Crust or Compact
  • Excellent Drainage
  • Washed to Reduce/ Eliminate Dust
  • Packaged in 2800lb Bulk Bags
Jump Sand Pit